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Ignoring your grief won’t make the pain go away. In fact, not dealing with it can cause a host of life-long physical and mental problems.

Find out where you are by taking a simple grief assessment.

The assessment is not a scientific clinical diagnosis. However, it is an evaluation response to the death of your loved one and your level of coping skills.
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Peggy Green Thee Greif Specialist - Woman upset on a her bed
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Helping You OvercomeThe Challenges You Are Having With Your Loss

Whether you're suffering from suicide bereavement, death from natural causes, or any other form of loss, here is your support in your journey through grief.

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Losing a loved one is never easy; dealing with this loss can be insurmountable. Your grief may not appear immediately, sometimes it takes days, weeks, or months before you feel overwhelmed. There are many ways to deal with this grief; the best way is with Grief Coaching.

One On One Grief Coaching

Weekly 60-minute sessions to help guide you through this difficult process.

Group Grief Coaching

Ongoing weekly support with a group of Grief Survivors who understand what you are going through

Self Study Online Courses

Receive, learn, practice, and apply 8 foundational grief survival tools to help you move forward through your grief.

Real Client Feedback

Client Reviews

Here are real reviews from clients that have worked through their grief and have been able to move forward with new hope and purpose.

I absolutely will recommend Peggy! Having had to deal with my own grief of losing my husband, just sharing with Peggy has helped me move forward in the right directions that enhances my life. And she does this with such graciousness and compassion not only personally but through her book "Life After Child Loss" which has helped me even through my loss. This journey is very personal and individual. And Peggy gets this, and her assistance will help anyone struggling with grief. She is a specialist.

Judy R.

“I’m taking this opportunity to thank you for sharing your grief journey the way you do. I’ve been hospitalized multiple times after suicide attempts and seeing your raw pain helps remind me how I’d be hurting my loved ones if I ever succumbed. I am in awe of your strength and grace and truly hope sharing your grief is healing to you.

Lynn D.

I found Peggy after 9 months after the loss of our adult son to suicide. I continued to be in a black hole of grief and wanted help finding happiness again. The guidance that she has given me has allowed me to move through the grief process. She has given me tools to use so that I could have an understanding of my emotions. I have been able to accept the "New Me" as a suicide survivor and feel happiness again. The light is now shining through.

Anne P.

Thank goodness we met as you answered my prayers. You helped me big.

Helene N.

The grief Peggy and her family have endured is unimaginable. I admire Peggy for reaching out to others about her personal experience with loss, grief and recovery. Sharing her wisdom will help other families and friends who encounter the unfathomable loss of a loved one.

Renee J.

Hi Peggy, I just listened to your recent Facebook interview about your new book. You described how Courtney died and my heart sank. We live near that home daycare in the cul de sac, having moved in just about the time of the death of your child. You are the mother I grieved for so many years ago. I always wondered about you and your family. With the suicides of our sons to also connect us I felt I had to reach out to share my deep sympathy for the loss of Courtney. I’m so sorry to l know you are the mother of two horrible losses. I have ordered your most recent book also. I’d love to get together with you for coffee or a glass of wine.


Grief Specialist - Grief Counselor

Meet Specialist Peggy Green

Peggy Green, Grief Counsellor, Author and Public Speaker

Peggy Green Thee Greif Specialist - Peggy Green
Peggy Green
Grief Specialist

Do you feel there is no tomorrow? Not sure if you will make it through your loss? I know how you feel. After my son died, I decided to start journaling and posting my thoughts on Facebook. When I looked back at my journey, I saw the progress from deep despair to glimmers of hope and joy. Here is my first 365 days, unedited, real and raw.

You suffered a loss, the loss of a child. It is a terrible place to be. I am so sorry that you are here. I am sorry that you are going through this. Your child may have recently passed away or it may have been years ago. The loss of a child is as deep as it gets. Grief is deep and aching when they are no longer with us. You may feel there is no consolation, not even believing that you will see them again removes the pain that your child is gone. I understand. I have been through all of this and more.

You will never get over your loss. You move through it.

In the past, resources to help with child loss have been limited. In my first loss in 1991, my only support came from my mother and sister. My second loss in 2018 was much different. In the time span of 27 years, I acquired many resources and tools that equipped me much better than the first time and navigate my loss. Read More Click Here

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