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Sometimes you feel isolated and alone in your loss journey. You might feel guilty for what happened, do not know how to answer the question of how many children you have or not even sure what type of grief you are experiencing. In my weekly email, you can find answers to those questions and more. Gain inspiration, wisdom and hope as Thursday Thoughts are delivered to your inbox weekly.


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Coping With Child Loss

Are there certain topics around your grief that you struggle with? Is it difficult to find the answers to tough questions? I get it. I did not know where to turn after Courtney died in 1991. I struggled to find someone tell me I was not going crazy and the things I was experiencing were normal. When Connor passed away in 2018, I had more tools and resources to survive my loss. Initially, I shared my journey on Facebook. With the encouragement of others who were being helped by my experiences, I wrote Life After Child Loss: The Mother’s Survival Guide to cope and Find Joy. My second book, Survive Your Child’s Suicide: How to Move through Grief to Healing is a result of wanting to unravel the mysteries and questions surrounding suicide.

Additional Stories and Resources

Your grief is like a caterpillar.
In the darkness that surrounds you, you do not know how you will survive.
You take steps every day making small breakthrough in your healing.
One day, much to your surprise, you look in the mirror and realize, because of your grief, you are transformed into a beautiful butterfly with a newfound appreciation for life.

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