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The passing of a loved one, friend, or family member is unbearable for many. What to say, what to do next, or how to help survivors is confusing. Maybe you are the one suffering the loss and don't know where to turn for help and encouragement. I have been on both sides of the grief process, losing immediate family members, including both parents, a sister and two children. I bring a unique perspective to death and how to move through grief all while keeping audiences engaged and yearning for more.

About Peggy

After the loss of her second child, Peggy was inspired to make an impact and help other grieving moms navigate their child loss journey. She is a true example of what is possible after child loss. She took her tragedy and wrote Life After Child Loss: The Mothers, Survival Guide to Cope and Find Joy, and her latest book, Survive Your Child’s Suicide How to Move through Grief to Healing. She started sharing her message of hope and her Grief Survival Program with raving reviews. She lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado close to her two grown girls and grandchildren. Peggy has made close to 100 blood donations – just because it is the right thing to do.

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Imagine for a moment that you’re at the wrap party for your most recent event, and all that anyone can talk about is: “Where in the world did you find that fabulous Humorist?” and “How in the world are we ever going to top that next year?”

Come on in, and sit awhile. Watch a short demo clip, I think you’ll enjoy Peggy Green. But don’t take our word for it, see some 30-second video testimonials from delighted meeting planners all over the country.

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Peggy was a guest on my Graduating Grief podcast which is designed to help women learn to live their lives again as they deal with loss. Peggy shared her life story with an open heart and offered insight that can bring hope of healing and happiness to all who are grieving. To take what she has lived and turn it into a vehicle to help others through their most painful chapters is truly remarkable. Thank you, Peggy, for stepping into a role like this that will help so many others heal.

Sherrie Dunlevy

Peggy comes to the table with such peace and grace, and I immediately felt at ease with her. Her story is one of pain and heartbreak, but she carries it in a way that empowers you to walk through your own grief and loss in a healthy way. I'm grateful to have her voice in my life.

Kate Berkey

What a joy it was to have Peggy join us on our podcast. There's an authenticity and vulnerability Peggy shares with that truly allows her to connect with any audience. To anyone dealing with loss (of any kind), Peggy's voice on the topic is like a welcome friend. And be sure to check out any of her other resources!

Kristy Mikel

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Client Reviews

Here are real reviews from clients that have worked through their grief and have been able to move forward with new hope and purpose.

Peggy experienced unthinkable loss of not just one but two children. Her Journey of hope and healing has inspired many others to live a life of purpose. She is published author and passionate advocate for health and wellness. I was so glad I got the opportunity to speak with her today.

Melissa Chapman

Health Coach

I really enjoyed Ms. Green's suggestions to help endure a holiday loss of a loved one. I personally have experienced that first holiday without Joe. The kids really helped but still seeing that lone plate, and lone chair hurt and yet helped. Such suggestions were shared in Peggy's vlog. That was just one suggestion that will help anyone having to deal with loss. I find Peggy very consoling and caring for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Judy Ridgley


There are few people who can take a tragic event and turn it into an opportunity to help others. Peggy Green had done exactly that. Her passion to help others combined with her ability to overcome adversity is inspiring. She is doing her part to make the world a better place.

Dan Gomer

Author & Speaker

Peggy shares her story of loss and how she is now helping other grieving mothers find joy. She understands what it is like to experience child loss, can walk in their shoes and is truly compassionate. Her book, Life After Child Loss and Grief Survival Program are great resources for any mom who has lost a child.

Wesley Reece

Mindset Breakthrough Coach

Peggy is an author and speaker who shares her message of hope and inspiration to grieving moms. After experiencing the death of her second child, she developed and created her Grief Survival Program to help other mothers cope with their loss. Her message and techniques are applicable for any mom walking this path.

Pat Sheveland

Grief Coach & Author


Peggy’s webinars are educational, inspiring and informative. She brings insights from 12 years as a personal trainer, 5 years as a well coach and 30 years as a grieving mother to help other grieving moms by sharing practical tips and practices from her Grief Survival Program. Guests walk away with tools for coping with emotions, practicing self-care and compassion. Peggy is the example of possibilities of life after child loss.

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Peggy Green knows this journey well and is no stranger to child loss. Her daughter Courtney transitioned as a toddler following an accident at a time when there were very few resources available. Then, in 2018 her son, Connor, made the decision to take his own life. Once again she was stuck for resources that would help her shift to a place of joy and happiness again. She didn’t want to stay stuck on the hamster wheel so decided that she would help others by researching all she could about child suicide then writing what she learned. “Survive Your Child’s Suicide: How to Move through Grief to Healing.” is Peggy’s new book where she introduces  a wholistic step-by-step process in three phases to help you move through grief to healing. Along the way, as a Grief Coach, Speaker and Author, she has helped many others experiencing child loss, especially to suicide. So she understands this area of loss well. Today she runs us through this very complex and messy area of grief, guilt and so much much more, providing many wonderful insights and tools along the way. Don’t stay stuck any longer. You can find your way back to happiness.

 In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • The 3 step-by-step phases Peggy uses 
  • What the 3 C’s are all about in dealing with guilt
  • Why it is important to heal yourself as a whole – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Making a conscious decision to deal with your grief


** This episode openly deals with the topic of suicide. Please use your discretion if deciding to listen, and if you do feel triggered, please ensure you seek immediate support from friends, family or professional support, if required. However, it is my intention that this episode be an open discussion on how you can move through this incredibly distressing time in your life to healing and being able to view both your loved one and yourself in a different light.

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Peggy shares how she has survived the loss of not only one child but two. In her heartfelt conversations, she demonstrates that by learning and applying her practical steps from her  Grief Survival and 3 Phases to Move through Grief to Healing, coaching programs help to grieve moms cope and find joy. She brings her message of hope and possibilities while her story is one of inspiration for overcoming life’s challenges.

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"The podcast with Alyssa Sulli from Reinventing You - interviewing Peggy Green, Thee Grief Specialist - was beautiful and very well done. Peggy shares her heart and authenticity. She offers some great insights on grief and her words of advice on how to connect with others that have experienced loss is priceless. This is a message that anyone grieving needs to hear. Peggy was so brave in sharing her message and personal journey. I will save it and give to others in need."

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