Grief Coaching

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Grief Coaching

Losing a child is the most difficult thing you will ever endure. You feel like your world is turned upside down. I understand your pain, having suffered child loss myself. Loss of a loved one, child, parent, or sibling is heart wrenching and can leave you feeling hopeless. It does not have to be that way. In this customized 8-week program, you have access to video teachings and transformational exercises plus you will meet individually with me via zoom once a week. You will have the resources to regain your life, preserve memories of loved ones and find joy.

This program is for anyone who is willing to move forward in their grief healing. Learn the framework that will show you how to rebuild your life:

Real Client Feedback

Client Reviews

Here are real reviews from clients that have worked through their grief and have been able to move forward with new hope and purpose.

I'm taking this opportunity to thank you for sharing your grief the way you do. I've been hospitalized multiple times after suicide attempts and seeing your raw pain helps remind me how I'd be hurting my loved ones if i ever succumbed. I am in awe of your strength and grace and truly hope sharing your grief is headling to you.

Lynn D.

I found Peggy after 9 months after the loss of our adult son to suicide. I continued to be in a black hole of grief and wanted help finding happiness again. The guidance that she has given me has allowed me to move through the grief process. She has given me tools to use so that I could have an understanding of my emotions. I have been able to accept the "New Me" as a suicide survivor and feel happiness again. The light is now shining through.

Anne P.

Thank goodness we met as you answered my prayers. You helped me big.

Helene N.

The grief Peggy and her family have endured is unimaginable. I admire Peggy for reaching out to others about her personal experience with loss, grief and recovery. Sharing her wisdom will help other families and friends who encounter the unfathomable loss of a loved one.

Renee J.

Grief Survival Program Group Coaching

Class is forming now. Starts March 5, 2024

Grief Survival Program Private Coaching

Grief Healing - Private Coaching

Grief to Healing - Partner/ Companion Coaching

One-Time Consultation With Peggy

This one-time consultation is designed for individuals who would like to speak with Peggy one time, or while they wait for her availability for ongoing coaching programs. The consultation consists of a 60 -minute session by phone or Zoom in which Peggy can help you understand what’s happening in your grief process, and provide you with some context and additional coping methods.

Give yourself permission after loss to live a fulfilling life without feeling guilty, and hold your loved one close to your heart.

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