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Grief Survival Small Group Coaching

Working with a grief coach focuses on the future and helps you get back up on your feet, find your new norm and grow personally through loss. You focus on taking action and become an active participant in your healing. You learn to change behaviors and improve the way you think about your life.

As your coach I help you to find your own path to healing. I guide you through unfamiliar territory by talking with you and helping you understand what you are experiencing.

If you are struggling with overwhelm, and loneliness, you are in the right place. Being with others who are going through the same thing minimizes loneliness and isolation.

In the Grief Survival Program, you will see that you are able to move forward and can create a happy and meaningful life.

Special Topics In Grief Survival Small Group Coaching

Grief Survival Program has weekly teaching videos, worksheets that are topic specific as well as group zoom sessions. This is such a supportive community; you would benefit from being a part of it.

Class is forming now. Starts APRIL 10, 2023

Give yourself permission after loss to live a fulfilling life without feeling guilty, and hold your loved one close to your heart.

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