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If you are ready to take the next step in your healing journey, join Peggy as she helps you to recover after the loss of your child.

Survive Your Child's Suicide

How to move through Grief to Healing.

Just ask Peggy Green…

Peggy has survived losing not just one child, but two, including her son by suicide. She knew she must use every tool possible to survive this tragedy. Starting with acceptance – a challenging but necessary first step – she courageously walked her grief journey.

Introducing: Three Phases to Move through Grief to Healing

Now as a Grief Coach, Peggy teaches these tools in her proven coaching program to help you move through grief to healing. This wholistic step-by-step process is founded on restoring your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

You can live a fulfilling and productive life

If you are asking why this happened, what you could have done differently, or how you will live without your child, you are not alone. Rest assured, others have travelled this road before you – and survived. Moving through your loss requires a conscious decision to heal. You have a choice. Do it for yourself.

Start here. Start now.

“A must-read for anyone suffering the suicide loss of a child. Peggy gives you the same tools and resources that are responsible for her successfully navigating the suicide of her son.”

—FRANK KING, The Mental Health Comedian and TEDx Coach


Rebuild your life after child loss and dare to be happy again.

Losing a child is said to be the hardest of all pain. You lose a part of yourself and sometimes it feels as if you'll never really be happy again. The grief can be so strong that it keeps you from living your life and even from really being present for your family. Moving on is one of those impossible things you know you need to do, but as a mother, you wonder if it’s possible. But there is hope. It is possible to move through your grief. You can soften the heartache, establish a new norm, and be alive and present again for your family. Author Peggy Green has been through the loss of a child – not just once, but twice – and in Life after Child Loss, she shares her experience and insight so that you, too, can:

If you are ready to take the next step in your healing journey, join Peggy as she helps you to recover after the loss of your child.

10% Of All Book Sales Are Donated to Heartbeat Survivors After Suicide.

Book Reviews

Peggy Green gets right to the point of why she is qualified to write this, of why it is so very hard to come through the experience of losing a child – at any age. Because of her experience and her training, and with help from her son Connor, she has particular insights into how to manage and face the grief that often is overwhelming. Her steps are clear and seem simple enough but there is a depth to her words and actions which will help you take care of yourself so you can help those around you who are also grieving. This guide is filled with options that you can choose to do in any order or at all. Peggy’s direct voice shares the pain of her personal losses, as well as the joy of coming to terms with those losses, in plain caring words. These guidelines are useful for recent loss and I will be sharing this book with a friend who lost her only child to suicide as a young teen several years ago. I believe this will help get her back on the road to joy while remembering and honoring her child. What surprised me was that it is helping me work through my personal struggles, which came flooding back as unresolved, from the guilt of losing one child to an ectopic pregnancy that almost killed me and losing two babes in the space of ten months to second term miscarriages. In reading this you will find a forgiving attitude (you can learn to forgive yourself for your anger and grief and that it’s okay to be happy), an understanding heart (it is okay to cry at odd moments in odd places), and some straightforward steps that have already helped others, including me, rediscover the joy of life. Thank you, Peggy, for sharing this most personal journey so others may find joy and life after losing a child.

Poignant and real guidance from grief to joy

If you have lost a child, you need a friend who understands, who has gone through such a loss themselves. Peggy Green is that friend. Her book feels as if she enters your home, sits on your couch, and gives you a hug. She lovingly explains how she made it through the death of two children - a baby girl and a grown son. She gives tips to help you find your support system, how to talk about your child, how journaling and finding your higher power helps, how to deal with holidays and birthdays in your own personal way, suggestions about what to do with your child’s possessions, and how to care for yourself. It is a beautiful book to lead you through your grief journey.


This is such a valuable book Peggy has written, and a work that will be an incredible reference to those that have been forced to try and move through grief-one of life’s most difficult transitions. Peggy has done a masterful job of clearly sharing and laying out all she has gone through as well as supportive ideas and methods she has utilized for coping AND thriving. By reading this book, one will realize that there are many that share the experience of loss, and many that can live with the memories by learning from others. Peggy imparts her knowledge and experience in one place that provides an easy read, while helping the reader feel they are not alone. I know there are many that will find this a priceless resource. Well done, Peggy!

A great resource for those who are struggling

Loss of a loved one is hard at best. Suicide is the most difficult to endure. Ms Green understands this struggle personally and has faced this struggle directly. Her understanding and desire to assist others through this trial is unmatched. All would do well to read her message.

Heartfelt and Compassionate

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