Reenergize in Difficult Times

“I can’t get out of bed”, “I can barely get ready for work” “I am overwhelmed by day to day tasks”, “I don’t care if I shower, wash my hair or brush my teeth”. These are stories I hear from folks who are struggling with lack of energy and exhaustion, especially with those experiencing grief. If you are traveling the loss journey, I want to let you know you are normal, but you do not have to stay stuck with low energy. If your lack of energy comes from life circumstances, negative news, CoVid restrictions or other loss you also have a choice.

In order to get to a good place in your life again, good energy is essential. However, it will not occur without some work. It requires effort and intentionality.

Let us take a peek at some of the ways your body is responding to grief and difficulties. Knowing what happens and why will give insight on how to help reenergize yourself.

This is a short list of physical symptoms. You may have others.

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Joint pain
  • Auto immune response

When you experience one, two or many of these, it zaps your energy and will to do anything. This continues to cause a downward spiral ultimately landing you in a dark deep well with no hope of getting out. It is particularly important to face these warning signs early to redirect yourself to a positive place. Prevention is key.

There are many ways to reenergize yourself. Today, we are talking about moving your body. It seems so counter intuitive to move your body when you do not have the energy to get off the couch in the first place.

I was a personal trainer for 12 years, understand the importance of exercise and have been consistent in getting my workouts in. The way I exercise has changed over time. I no longer do Olympic style weightlifting for large muscle gains and bragging rights about how much I lifted. Today, I focus on functional exercise which gives me the ability to get down on the floor to play with my grandkids or take a hike without having to think about joint pain. I focus on a range of motion that allows me to put on sweaters over my head and put a stack of plates in the cabinet. This allows me to do life.

My mental health is largely impacted through exercise. I know all the scientific mumbo jumbo that endorphins are released into my body. What really matters is how I feel both during and after exercise. While I am exercising, I forget my worries because my workout needs my undivided attention. Now I must say that the first 10 minutes of my workout, I move all my thoughts out of my head. My mind becomes clear and empty. It is amazing that when my mind is clear, that an answer to a problem I have been thinking about comes to me. This is because I am not focusing on the solution but rather my subconscious mind can now do its work.

Exercise makes me feel good. Those endorphins I mentioned, help me to feel happy, see things in a better light and be grateful. I know that the days that I work out, I am better off. If I miss a day, I see my mood slip. For those of you with depression or anxiety, please understand that exercise helps with them also.

When my workout is complete, I have more energy and feel energized. Momentum has begun. I want to get up, get moving and exercise again. I feel strong, my confidence is boosted, and I sleep better. I feel a sense of satisfaction of accomplishment.

Frequently I am asked, “What type of exercise is best?” My response is the one that you will do! Getting started is the biggest step. I am not asking you to spend hundreds of dollars on a gym membership and get the newest fashion trend in workout clothes. I just suggest starting somewhere. You can start in the comfort of your own home.

My gift to you is these free workouts. They range from Interval Training to H.I.I.T to Yoga to Pilates to Mindfulness and Breathing, all with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Truly little equipment is needed, a couple small hand weights, yoga mat and water bottle. Experience one of them or all of them.

I log my workouts to see my progress on mood and how many times I get moving. It helps keep me accountable. I love seeing how I am moving forward. If you would like a copy of my Reenergize Me log, send me an email and in the subject line, write Reenergize Me.

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